Get the fat out.

Just to make it clear. This blog just like many others is about healthy lifestyle and fitness. I am not currently overweight and never intend to be, but trust me i understand what a struggle it is for who ever is.

My current weight of this day 14/05/2012 is
- 117 lbs.

My goal is :
- 110lbs ( to lget in a very healty way )

It seems like not much but those last pounds between you and your idea of perfection are the hardest to get rid off.
So basically i will be writing post about healthy things i do every day to bring me closer to my goal. Follow if you want to encourage me and yourself because this blog is for you and me.

Encouraging people pushes me to not fail and stick to my words. Also i will be posting tips and pictures.

I have no idea how big of a success this blog will be but you can help me achieve what i want .

** I am no pro and tips ill be giving would be based on my personal research or experiences. You can ask me question anytime you will be sure to get an answer from me. **

When i do post a picture of my self i will mention it, if it doesn't say it's me then it's not me.
Me and my baby supporting !
  1. Me and my baby supporting !

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